Call Center Agent : Tips to survive the “Night Shift”

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When the people working at the call centers boast of uninterrupted service, we may be able to realize at the moment that the credit goes to the hard work, efforts and also sleepless nights by the peoples working at call centers. The result may be success and growth for your business, but not for call center agents, for them, their output is stress, weakness, change in diet and continuous fatigue as human body do not allow one to go against the rule of nature that is to change our routing, working in nights and sleeping in days. Thus the habit of working at nights can be adapted and acclimatized to with some practice, however, can be really distressed for call center agents. It is required for the people to be attentive, vigilant and most important to stay focused on that particular work which is to be done, whether its call center or some other, and also the call center agents should take care of their diet and follow a healthy lifestyle in their day-to-day life.

In two separate surveys conducted in India and in the Philippines– two countries where BPOs have been highly successful – it was discovered that among the 1,500 Filipino participants, 60% had higher metabolic age in comparison with their real age; their bodies being much older than their actual age. This is linked to their bodies constantly being under a lot of stress.

In an independent study in India, it was found that among 272 women working in graveyard

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shifts, 60% had high blood pressure accompanied with sleeping problems; 55% suffered from headaches and colds; 50% had digestive and menstrual-related health problems; 45% had various respiratory illnesses; and 30% had backaches. The study also revealed that the participants had difficulty sleeping during the day due to both household and parental duties.

Without a proper and healthy lifestyle, a call center agent might suffer to certain common illness such as anemia, high blood pressure, migraine, ulcer or obesity. To prevent these kind of health imbalances, you can follow these top health tips

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for a call center agent like you in order to stay healthy and alert and work with a sound mind.

Top Health Tips for Call Center Agents in the Night Shift:

  1. Follow what doctors recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Set a schedule for your sleep time. Turn off your phone and television. Let your family know that this is your preferred time of sleep. They should respect that it’s hard for some night shift agents to sleep in the day. Especially in the morning if the kids are awake or the spouse is awake and you might hear some noise outside your house because it’s daytime. You can use some fan or play a relaxing music to drown out those noises you’ve hear outside.
  2. To best sleep in your bedroom, try to make it dark as possible by closing the window curtains and turning off the lights. You can also use a sleep mask if you need to.
  3. During working hours in the call center office, bring some healthy snacks for your break such as fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt. Try to avoid sugar and fatty foods because they will make you tired later. Nutritionists say, it’s best to eat within an hour of waking up. Just like our mother said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. And that’s even if your breakfast happens to be at 2pm or whatever time you actually wake up.
  4. Avoid drinking too much coffee and caffeinated beverages before you sleep. The left-over caffeine in your system can make you hard to sleep.
  5. Get energy from light exercise or movement in the office. When you feel sleepy in a call center, do some jumping jack or stretching. Do anything that get your body in motion. Hopefully, your call center isn’t too strict when you move around.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Take vitamins such as:

Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C) – too boost your immune system against diseases.

Ferrous Sulfate (source of iron) – good for anemia. It will boost you red blood cells count.


  1. Regular cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, swimming or any athletic sports.







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