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Call Center Training: Providing quality service

Call center training matters

Call center agents are most likely the voice of one’s company because they have direct contact with customers. They provide necessary assistance and information. And so, their performance and services being provided matter.

As the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry continues to rise, call center businesses also make sure that they offer quality service through their call center agents. The question now is how?

Call center training for the agents is one of the important factors to consider. Offering them with quality call center training can greatly contribute to their performance as they provide services to customers.

Moreover, call center training also provides guidelines to their agents and teaches them the proper way of handling matters related with their work like being patient while listening to customers’ complaints and questions.

If there’s no such training, the service being provided will most likely be bad and will definitely affect the company’s reputation. Things like these likely happen in cases wherein agents don’t know the right answers.

This is supported by a survey of some 5,000 consumers throughout the U.S. wherein eGain discovered that agents don’t know the answer 34% of the time. Moreover, different customer service agents provide different answers in 41% of the cases.

On-demand Model

Ongoing training is also very necessary to call centers that incorporate on-demand model wherein they permit agents to work off-site.

This kind of model helps to save money because it becomes simple for call centers to hire as well as employ the remote agents. That’s why many of the call centers nowadays incorporate it. But since it permits agents to work off-site, they lose out the chances of learning through observations in workplace.

And here comes the need for ongoing training. Performance management and coaching are also necessary to make sure that call center operations are handled well.

Thus, companies and call centers should always consider the quality of training they give to their agents for them to improve and provide quality customer service.

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