The Perfect Exercise for Call Center Agents

Call center fitness is often neglected. In this video, we discuss a possible way to feel good and look good coupled with the right food to go with it.

Just like any other job, working in a call center industry also requires stamina, endurance, energy and presence of mind. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy body is to exercise. Exercise is important to keep your body healthy and reduces the chances of developing diseases that will enable you to meet your everyday goal with enthusiasm.

In this episode of Outbounders TV, we are going to do not just a typical exercise but a dance exercise that is popularly known in the world today, Zumba.

One of the key things in Call Center Fitness is to consistently maintain one’s self. Watch this week’s episode as we explore Zumba in a call center perspective.

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Vibe Studio; Call Center FitnessVibe Dance Studio is an avenue for dancers and aspiring dancers alike, where they can develop and share their love of the art. It offers a variety of dance and physical fitness classes for all age groups, with professional and experienced instructors to mentor them in their desired classes. For more information about their studio and their classes check them out here.


11138175_1565638933689223_7226597220449897805_nA Health Food restaurant/store that caters to all healthy eaters who want to nourish their mind, bodies and souls!

We have three product lines inside our hub:
~ Healthy Dine-in Comfort Food
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In Live, we are all citizens of life and health ♥

For more information about their food and locations you can check them out here. is an international website where Zumba enthusiasts and teachers meet. Check out the official Zumba website to find classes and teachers near you. Click here.




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