Business As Usual for Phil BPO

The local BPO industry assures international investors and stakeholders that it is ‘business as usual’ despite some growing concerns.

The 11th International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE) held at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom this year is one of the largest gathering of all IT-BPO stakeholders. During this year’s event, some business groups like EU Chamber of Commerce expressed concerns about some European businessmen’s disinterest to invest in the Philippines. These concerns spiral from the many reports against the ongoing war on illegal drugs.

The concerns also rooted from the latest Global Competitiveness Index where the Philippine ranking fell 10 notches lower also cited policy instability as one of the reasons for the steep decline in the country’s ranking, the first decline in a decade. One of the reasons for the decline cited was policy instability.

Benedict Hernandez told reporters at the conference that the industry faced concerns raised by other business groups on the Duterte government’s policies. The president and chairman of Contact Center of the Philippines (CCAP), Hernandez also described the industry to be ‘robust’. Furthermore, he says that these concerns raised are considered opportunities to explain that it is “business as usual” for the industry.

“We have not seen travel advisory changes from clients and companies. We do get questions but it’s an opportunity to clarify things,” he adds.

As per Hernandez, these queries started when President Duterte issued Proclamation No. 55. The declaration puts the country under a state of national emergency on account of lawless violence. Moreover, it served as the government’s act to protect the country for more terrorism acts after the Davao blast.

Many businessmen and foreign investors still that believe that this proclamation didn’t have any negative impact in the BPO sector. With this, business continues to grow even in Davao City itself.


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