BPO and millennials: A change in consumer generation

A BPO industry expert said that call centers and business process outsourcing companies are about to experience a shift in order to cope with the demands of this generation.

Step by step the BPO firms all over the country and the world is changing their strategies to keep up with the emerging generation of consumers – the generation Y or the millennials.

BPOs are evolving.  It is being customer-driven.  It is customers driving the change, the transformation,

~ Edgar Doctolero, country manager of Avaya Philippines Inc. (Read more…)

According to an article in entitled “5 Key Traits These 80 Million Consumers Share”, millennial consumers will be spending an estimated $200 billion annually by 2017 and $10 trillion over their lifetimes as consumers, in the U.S. alone. One of the five key traits mentioned in the article include the millennials’ high expectation in technology.

The generation Y has grown up with technology and have seen technology go from big desktop computers to slim touch-screen devices. They have aligned themselves with technology and expects that these technologies should work because they always did. Millennials find it easy to adapt to new technology as compared to previous generations. Also, millennials hold smartphones closest to them even in sleep. According to Pew, more than four out of five sleep with or next to their cellphones.

For millennials, smartphones are not just for texting. It became an all-in device where they can read reviews and research about goods and services, and a few other social functions. In a generation that rarely smokes, smartphones keep fingers preoccupied. They have grown weary of smoking because they have found a new comfort with staying connected through their smartphones. It has become their lifestyle’s better half.

This specific trait reflects how the BPO industry will have to step-up and provide the customer service expected of them. Along the fast and efficient growth of the global BPO sector, comes challenges with security, lack of human resource in certain areas tied with the high attrition rate.

Furthermore, Doctolero says BPO companies are expected to shift to the next-generation technology transform sooner than later.  “It is now a matter of when, not if. Customers are now in the driver seat and they are the ones demanding this change.  We have to do it soon, and fast. There is a big cost to doing nothing,” he says.

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