India BPO industry: Affected by Fraud?

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is working with both the US and Indian powers to guarantee call focus impostor frauds starting from India don’t affect the long haul strength of the Indian BPO industry. The US government official got out Indian call focus as a wellspring of different impostor frauds that have focused on Americans, in this manner NASSCOM accordingly took such activity.

“The latest occasion, held this May in Washington, D.C., included agents from a few noteworthy innovation organizations, US, Canadian and UK law requirement, the Indian call focus industry gathering, and Indian government authorities

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Photo from:                                                                     “Another region of global concern includes Indian call focuses, which like their Jamaican partners, keep on being the wellspring of different sham cheats that have achieved purchasers all through the English-talking world,” said Lois Greisman, Associate Director of the Division of Marketing Practices, in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as reported by Business line.

One consequence of this joint effort is a four-city law requirement preparing in India this mid-year, in which the FTC is taking an interest, went for creating Indian law authorization’s ability to capture and indict India-based people who execute these cheats,” Greisman said.

As per Betsy Broder, counsel for universal purchaser insurance at FTC said that the commission has gotten 400,000 objections about what it call “impostor tricks” where guest cases to be from an understood innovation organization or a law requirement power and undermines them that either their PC is going to seize up or they owe cash charges. “Many of these are traced back to India” Broder said. More than 40,000 protestations in the previous 18 months related to customer recognizing the guests as having Indian accent, she said.

“What we are talking about here are criminal enterprises but most people do not distinguished. All they know is that the get a call that appears to be from a business from India and that they were defrauded of money. And so that makes them distrust the next time they call for customer support for their bank and they hear an Indian accent” – Betsy Border


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