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BPO clients: More women, less automation

BPO Clients want more women in top executive positions and more real case studies more than anything else according to a recent study made by HfS. The study elaborated on the need to have more women in top leadership roles. Also, the results gave insight that although automation is rising, BPO Clients want more real human experiences.

HfS Results

This research covered the view of different BPO clients. Some respondents were service buyers, advisers and providers of the BPO industry. Here, they discussed what they think would be of more strategic value to the clients rather than just efficiently alone.

According to HfS, here are the first initial results of that study:

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Several clients expressed their concern that that majority of these providers are dominated by men. BPO clients want more women and youthful executives that they can connect better with. The sad truth is men still dominate the board rooms even in these modern times. What’s more, these men are the ones who push for automation in the BPO industry. The question still remains if CRM will indeed be better if automatons take over the outsourcing world.

The industry has spoken, and it’s not pretty – clients are fed up with the same old selling, the same old unsubstantiated hype and the same old cronies dishing it out.

-Phil Fersht

In the coming 2017, the BPO industry is torn between being efficient and being more relate-able to their customers. Automatons indeed provide a better solution in handling customer logistics but what the clients want more than anything right now are real people who can connect with their customers.

HfS (Horses for Sources) is the official research partner of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) in their upcoming BPM Summit in Banglore this coming September 22-23, 2016.


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