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Be the best outbound telemarketer

Being an outbound telemarketer is quite a challenge. The level of pressure in handling different customers everyday and selling your brand is a product of pure sales and communication expertise. For most outbound companies, it’s also the result of month-long rigid training to equip agents in dealing with different situations on the phone.

Sales skills can be improved through proper training, coaching and experience. Communication skills, however, is learned through education. Along with these, this kind of career also requires a certain level of professionalism especially in handling irate customers on the phone. One wrong word or decision can affect the reputation of the whole company.

Here are a must-have skills of every outbound telemarketer:

  1. Good communication skills

A good set of communication skills is an advantage to every outbound telemarketer. The ability to express thoughts in the oral language is important especially in introducing a product or a service. Easy-flowing communication is an advantage to all outbound telemarketers and even customers. The conversation becomes productive wherein you can cover a lot of things and clarify all concerns that need be.

Communication skills can also be very helpful in building your good relationship with co-workers and superiors. It can foster better internal and external relationships and also help in building up teamwork among employees.

  1. Good listening skills

For outbound telemarketers around the globe, listening is a skill that needs to be developed. This skill is necessary to ensure that communication is effective and productive.

Listening is different with hearing because it involves understanding what is talked about. In introducing products and services to a variety of customers over the phone, it is important to gain as much knowledge needed about the product in order to have your own pitch. Listening also plays an important role in gauging what type of customer you are dealing with. Specifically, listening is most useful in dealing with irate and close-minded callers. One can listen to their sentiments and construct a proper response to aid their concerns.

  1. Mastery in cold calling

Cold calling is perhaps the most used method in telemarketing. More than pure oral communication and listening skills, mastery of cold calling skills is also a must. Every outbound telemarketer who’s aspiring to be the best in the field should know that cold calling requires a lot of research and time management.

It’s important to improve and update one’s list before indulging into calling every number on it. Narrow down prospects in terms of your specific goals and targets. Know where and on whom to give priority to. Also, manage your time especially in dealing with clients from different time zones. Be aware of the time differences and know the best time to call.

According to an article by Business 2 Community, never sell on your first call. Instead, it’s more advisable to probe and just introduce your product. In an ideal scenario, a telemarketer books his or her sale in the second call. If worst comes to worst, teach yourself to handle rejection.

  1. Being confident and building professional rapport

Exuding confidence and building rapport is most useful during the first call. The first call is where the customer gathers his or her first impressions about the caller, the product and the company you are representing. Make sure that you have the right amount of confidence and the proper way of building professional rapport. The fate of all your follow-up calls will most likely depend on this.

  1. Going off script

Scripts are initially made for the guidance of beginners. As telemarketers goes along, they get more comfortable with the work. Going off script is on way of building genuine rapport among your customers.

When a customer feels that a seller is more personal and honest in dealing with the situation, the better he or she responds. Having a casual conversation rather than sounding so business-focused yields better results. So as long as the main points in the script are covered, you’re good to go.

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