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AstraQom International, the world’s largest local business VoIP provider and telecommunications cloud architecture operator, has announced its latest official country launch with the opening of AstraQom Philippines. The exciting announcement comes at the same time as an exceptional AstraQom International funded Scholarship Program for 20 students is unveiled. The fine scholarships for tertiary education are tenable at any accredited university in The Philippines.

With new headquarters in the premier urban Manila Net Cube Global City Business Center and Cyber Park nicknamed The Fort, AstraQom Philippines, a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraQom International, has been established in response to the growing needs of the people of The Philippines. Customers in the vibrant Southeast Asia region have been seeking reliable global telecommunications carriers capable of providing the highest quality services and exemplary customer care.

Overall, the prestigious AstraQom International global student Scholarship Program is valued at $650,000 per year. Locally, in the 2012 – 2013 academic year; the total number of post-secondary school enrollments reached 3.56 million in the Republic of the Philippines, according to the Commission on Higher Education. This represents an increase of over one million since 2004 and an outstanding opportunity for AstraQm Philippines to make a lasting difference in the country from day one.

Dr. Jonathan Sowah, President and CEO AstraQom International  Photo From:
Dr. Jonathan Sowah, President and CEO AstraQom International
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“As a leading multinational brand, we feel a great responsibility to help businesses in The Philippines to enjoy sustainable growth. People across the planet trust our global network for its competitive pricing, flexibility, and dedication to people-minded customer service,” expressed Dr. Jonathan Sowah, President and CEO. “These 20 scholarships are part of a legacy we are honored to starting today for the people of The Philippines. AstraQom Philippines is excited to head up this amazing initiative which is part of a powerful international education-centered program.”

“We’re delighted to have brought a reliable and comprehensive state of the art telecoms architecture to The Philippines,” commented Mark Myers, Senior Global Reach Engineer, AstraQom International. “I’m proud to be a part of a global brand caring for the needs of the next generation of highly educated problem solvers through the AstraQm Philippines Scholarship Program.”

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Primarily, the target market is respected multinationals, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies as well as also being delighted to care for the needs of smaller entities across The Philippines. As the 12th most populated place on Earth with a population of 104 million people, the AstraQom International brand is confident of rapid growth and expansion in the region.



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