Accenture will obtain Australian-based firm Redcore

International professional services provider Accenture signs an agreement to obtain Redcore, an Australian-based security firm. The procurement of Redcore will expand Accenture’s reach in the Asia-Pacific. Redcore will also further enhance their security offerings.

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“The acquisition of Redcore will allow us to expand our existing IAM services and security-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities – along with other critical cyber defense services – while also immediately extending our leadership position in the Asia-Pacific region” said Kelly Bissell is the  managing director of Accenture Security.



Redcore also provides various security services for Cloud, network management, public key infrastructure and more. They also develop authentication, authorization and administration services across cloud, web, mobile and adaptive access-management technologies. These added security features will be a big asset to the company in the years to come.

Joseph Failla, co-founder, Redcore, said, “We are excited to become part of Accenture Security. We are very proud of Redcore’s wonderful team and our achievements, and we now look forward to creating an unrivalled combined cybersecurity team and launching capabilities that will change the market.”

Redcore is also an international player. It was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. In the span of six years they have expanded exponentially. They have offices in multiple countries such as Australia, Singapore, The Philippine, New Zealand and India. They also provide their services to both the government and the private sector in many different fields such as finance, health, retail and telecommunications industries.

This is not the only security agency Accenture has acquired this year. Just last June, they also acquired Israeli cyber security firm Maglan. Maglan specializes in cyber forensics and simulation servives, malware defence and research on intelligence threats. Accenture also has setup a cyber center in Benglaru last April to make their presence known in the cyber defense area.




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