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OutboundersBPO Managed Solutions is specialised in providing robust management and leadership support through dedicated and diligent campaign monitoring and continuous development of leadership skills to ensure our adaptability and competence in facing the evolving challenges of outsourcing.

We have successfully launched over 200 campaigns and we have mastered the art of “trying-and-innovating until we succeed”.

We provide variety of support services to hundreds of SME’s worldwide, helping them achieve their goals in closing more sales or being at the edge in terms of lead generation, appointment setting, customer service, data gathering and other virtual assistant functions such as e-mail handling, ticketing and chat support.

We believe that any of our projects could succeed when managed and led effectively. We invest with leadership trainings focusing generally on situational management, mental toughness development and formation of critical thinking especially in making projections and resolving issues and conflicts before they could occur.

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Smart and pro-active campaign management is how we strategise to succeed our clients goals.


The company, Outbounders.com started with managers and telemarketers purely home-based. It aimed to provide work opportunities for people from all over the world earn good income while save them time and cost for transportation. Its main goal was to provide people convenience of working from home.Due to its outstanding telemarketing performances and the increasing client demands for Outbound Services, Outbounders.com Managed Solutions established its first office-based operations in 2013. With only 5 seats to begin with, the company started to lease offices to run their operations. At its early stages, it encountered notable setback in terms of facilities and internet connection being two of the main considerations for office-based outsourcing.

A year after, it built its own office at 5th Floor Crown 7 Building, Mabolo City, Cebu Philippines. During its initial office development, the company prioritized technology and high speed internet connection as their main business focus as a call center. The main goal of the set up was to eliminate drop calls, and prevent intermittent internet performance that used to interrupt smooth sailing operations.

Another office was built in 2015 allowing different services under the same management to expand such as Inbound Customer Service, Chat Support and Virtual Assistant Works.

With currently over 100 FTE’s, Outbounders.com Managed Services Unit aim to continuously provide its clients with competitive manpower services,
competent management and leadership support and reliable technology to facilitate seamless voiced and non-voiced support functions.

OUR MISSION for our clients is to provide them with remarkable experience of “working together” while having exceptional bottom-line telemarketing performance outcomes. And side by side, we aim to create the most fun and empowering working environment for our people where growth and sense of family are valued and as well as a winning culture.OUR VISION is to enable worldwide opportunities through technology with honest, heart centered and family oriented culture and leadership, that will make everybody truly enjoy career and life equally.


  • Give access to lower yet competitive labor and infrastructure cost to our clients
  • Provide superb and sincere management support for utmost efficiency and team productivity
  • Connect the World through our technology and make everyone’s WORK both fulfilling and fun

We have observed over the years of operating our own call center in the Philippines that many of our successful clients wanted to be very hands-on in managing their campaigns.Know more about our company and visit www.outbounders.com

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