7 Tips To Stay Healthy In A Call Center

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has been incredibly successful in most parts of the world. This has paved the way for more job opportunities to open in various countries. But, call center employees are faced with the gruesome task of having to work in graveyard shifts to cater to clients who live in countries with different time zones. This is causing a big percentage of them to suffer from various health issues such as insomnia and fatigue.

A survey conducted in the Philippines it was discovered that among the 1,500 Filipino participants, 60% had higher metabolic age in comparison with their real age; their bodies being much older than their actual age. This is linked to their bodies constantly being under a lot of stress.

It’s not an easy job to be a call center agent. Especially if you are assigned in a night shift and working in front of a computer for long period of hours. And most of the call center agents in the Philippines work on the night shift doing telemarketing or inbound customer support. Without a proper and healthy lifestyle, a call center agent might suffer to certain common illness such as anemia, high blood pressure, migraine, ulcer or obesity. To prevent these kind of health imbalances, you can follow these top health tips for a call center agent like you in order to stay healthy and alert and work with a sound mind.

Knowing how stressful the call center life is, employees need to practice good health habits in order to avoid all the hazards that inevitably come with the job.

Here are 7 dos and don’ts for a healthier you! 


  1. 1. Get adequate sleep.



  • -Use blackout curtains to prevent day light from penetrating and hampering your sleep.
  • -Sleep in a separate room away from daytime activities at home.
  • -Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.



  • -Run errands during the day. Remember, this is sleep and night time for you.
  • -Allow people to disturb you when you should be sleeping.
  • -Keep your mobile phone beside you.


  1. 2. Eat the right kinds of food.



  • -Have a well-balanced diet.
  • -Drink at least 4 to 4.5 liters of water per day.
  • -Eat more veggies.



  • -Consume too much alcohol.
  • -Drink too much coffee.
  • -Eat junk food.


  1. 3. Get regular exercise.



  • -Set aside time for working out.
  • -Choose a routine you like that will help you achieve physical and mental fitness.
  • -Make exercising a regular habit.



  • -Take the lift all the time.
  • -Drive your car to work every day.
  • -Remain seated for the entire shift.


  1. 4. Adopt stress management techniques.



  • -Meditate or pray – whatever helps you reduce stress.
  • -Laugh with family and friends.
  • -Listen to your favourite music and read your favourite books.



  • -Make commitments that are out of your limit.
  • -Over stress at work.
  • -Allow your professional life to take over your personal life.


  1. 5. Maintain a social life.



  • -Spend quality time with family.
  • -Stay in touch and meet up with friends regularly.
  • -Continue practising your hobbies.



  • -Get stuck in a routine of all work and no play.
  • -Isolate yourself from your loved ones.
  • -Stay in the office beyond your shift.


  1. 6. Develop good time management skills.



  • -Develop a daily and well-balanced routine.
  • -Introduce positive changes to your lifestyle.
  • -Strive to religiously maintain a healthy schedule.



  • -Take shortcuts, such as eating junk food instead of cooking healthy food.
  • -Do overtime work often.
  • -Cram too many things in your schedule.


  1. 7. Go in for regular health check-ups.



  • -Have a regular doctor and clinic to visit.
  • -Have your eyesight checked regularly, along with other lab and physical tests.
  • -Take prescribed medication, vitamins, or supplements on time.



  • -Ignore symptoms.
  • -Put off scheduled doctor’s appointments.
  • -Forget to take any prescribed medicine/s.

Living by these simple tips can help reduce work-related stress and prevent health issues from affecting your life as a call center agent. Stay healthy!


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