5 Tips To Celebrate New Year’s Eve The Healthier Way

5 Tips To Celebrate New Year’s Eve The Healthier Way- We’re all tempted to throw a party to finish the year off in style, but maybe you’d like give your liver a break from it all. This year, why not do things a little differently? Below are five healthy ways to ring in the New Year. We’ll be making our toast to stressing less about this ordinarily high-pressure evening, and celebrating by doing the things that make us feel good, plain and simple.

Here are some healthier alternatives.

Throw a pampering party

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One of the healthy ways to celebrate the New Year is to throw a pampering party. Rather than having the usual buffet and drinks, gather all your friends together for a place of pampering. If you can afford, you can hire a massage therapist or mobile beauty to provide some treatments for you and your friends, or buy manicure kits and some face masks. Prepare some healthy snacks such as raw vegetable and dips, and serve your friends healthy mocktails and smoothies.

Make healthy cocktails

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If you can’t imagine the New Year’s Eve without a drink in hand, you may do it but in the healthiest way by making your own healthy cocktails, using juices and fresh fruits, and drinking in moderation. Making your own cocktails assure that you get some antioxidants and nutrients with your alcohol. It will also help to slow down your drinking.

Watch the sunrise

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If you are not going to start the New Year indoors, grab a family member, friends or your partner and go out for an early morning stroll to watch the sunrise. It’s not only a great early morning exercise, but you start the New Year watching the sunrise with someone special. And it is more inspiring and leads to a healthy new beginning rather than waking up at midday with a terrible hangover!

Go dancing

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Many people like dancing, and if you love to dance too, why not celebrate the New Year boogying away all night long? It could help you burn off hundreds of calories and stay fit this New Year. Sure, hitting the dance floor in a bar or club is a great option, but you can also dance at home, if you want to save some money.

Play board games with your family

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Research findings have shown that spending a lot of time with family and close friends can help you live longer, so why not ring in the New Year with someone special? Certainly, board games can be a little bit cheesy, but it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved. However, don’t get too competitive, everyone should be on speaking terms when the clock strikes a midnight!





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