Call center agent secrets

3 secrets a Call Center Agent never tells you

Every industry has there own secrets. Do you know how to spot a good agent or get the right help faster? Here are a few ones that you probably didn’t know about call center agents.

Secret #3: Good agents never follow a script

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You may think that agents are scripted but the real good ones aren’t. Sure they have standard opening and closing statements but there’s not much script in-between. You could always tell an experienced one if they can answer you right off the bat without holding or long pauses.

What makes a representative is confidence and their quick wit. If somebody like this answers that call for you, then you’re in good hands.


Secret #2: What they are telling you will be the same to what any supervisor would. Maybe they even know more

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In product training, agents and supervisors are usually grouped together. Supervisors are usually given extra training for managerial purposes. They don’t actually get advanced classes about the services the company provides. They don’t have magic powers to override company policies. So when an agent tells you that their supervisor will tell the exact same thing, believe them because the supervisors probably will.

The only time that you should insist to talk to a supervisor is when the agent is rude or is not responding properly, otherwise the agent can perfectly handle whatever concern you have. There are some instances that they probably know more than their supervisors because they are the one who usually take the calls.


Secret #1: Being nice to the agent can make a difference


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Yelling at an representative can lead to nowhere. Yelling in general, actually, can lead to nowhere. Agents usually reciprocate what they are being given. So if you are rude to the agent, most likely the agent won’t feel any love for you. Do yourselves a favor and extend that patience. Once you tone that voice down, you will be surprised at what the agent is willing to do for you.

Agents are quite used to handling difficult calls everyday. Never think that your case is unique. There will always be a solution to your problem. Trust in the agent that you’re talking to, explain your case and most definitely they will help you. Just don’t be rude. It is never okay to be rude.


There are plenty more secrets that call centers keep but it varies from person to person. What’s important to remember is that call center agents really do care for their customers and their jobs. Be kind and have faith in them and you’ll definitely be well taken-cared of.


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