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5 call center movies that you should watch

It’s been proven that watching a good movie can help you unwind and relax during your down time. Don’t know know what to watch? Here are some call center movies that you could relate to:


Outsourced (2006)


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Outsourced is a movie about an American novelty product salesman played by Josh Hamilton who had his whole department outsourced to India. Now he must travel to the foreign country to train to his replacement. This story tells just what happens in the call center in India. This is a movie about the cultural differences of countries in the outsourcing world.

This movie is in English and have won a multitude of international awards including: Seattle International Film Festival 2007 for Golden Space Needle Award, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival for Best Film and more.

The Other End of the Line (2008)

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The Other End of the Line is a love story about and Indian call center agent who goes to San Francisco in pursuit of the man she fell in love over the phone. The tagline of the movie is “Two countries. Two cultures. One chance at love.” It’s a nice refreshing love story to get you in the mood to answer calls.

This is the first collaboration of Indian production powerhouse Adlabs and American film company MGM. This is a combination of English and Hindi languages.

Hello (2008)

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If rom-com movies are not your thing and you want a little action then Hello is the movie for you. It explores the greater questions we have in life about working in an international company.

This is a story of one night in a call center and the politics that go with it. Any call center agent can easily relate to this movie.

This is from the same writer of the widely famous 3 Idiots. The entire movie is in the Hindi language.

Call Center Girl (2013)

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If you want a good laugh, this movie is for you. This is a parody of some sorts to the call center lifestyle. It’s a story about a mother who wants to help her daughter and accidentally ends up getting employed in the same call center as her.

This Filipino movie pokes fun at the call center life but also has important values to tell as well.

This is entirely spoken in Filipino and was directed by Don Cuaresma and starred by the famous Filipino comedian known as Pokwang.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

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Not exactly a story about a call center but one of the minor plot line is focused on one. Still a great movie that can be enjoyed by call center agents, nevertheless.

It tells the stories of different senior citizens that end up in a hotel in India for different reasons. It’s a story about the meaning of love, age, adventure and what it means to live.

It has a star-studded Hollywood and British cast that will surely make you rethink about what to choose in life.



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