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300,000 job opportunities in Clark Freeport

Through the support of the government, Clark Freeport will soon be the new home of 300,000 BPO employees as companies are starting to expand away from the country’s capital.

One of the companies that will be joining in this expansion is Global Gateway Development Corporation. They plan to build a $5-billion 177-hectare facility in Clark which will be complete by May 2017 according to their president, Michael Sullivan.

“It was important for us coming to the Philippines to strategically identify a parcel next to the international gateways of the Philippines, and to accelerate the growth in the region,” Sullivan said.

Two towers are currently under construction and is nearing completion. Called AeroPark Campus One West and Two West towers, they will house 45,000 square meters (sqm) of Grade A office space and 9,000 sqm of retail space in Clark Freeport.

These two towers are part of the initial phase of the multi-million plans Global Gateway Development Corporation have for Clark Freeport.

In an article by ABS-CBN, this is part of Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP)’s plan to provide up to 1.8 million by the end of Duterte’s term in 2022. According to IBPAP, 500,000 of these jobs will be outside Metro Manila.

“We’d like to expand that even further, of course with telecommunication, infrastructure being in place with this government pushing that part, even the rural areas, there’s now rural BPO…We’re excited about that,” IBPAP chairman Danilo Sebastian Reyes said.

Mark Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Global Gateway Development Corporation, also expresses his confidence in developing office spaces outside the metro.

“it will highlight the potential of the Philippine countryside as a catch-basin of the overflowing vibrancy of Metro Manila,” he says.


ABS-CBN has an article about that. Read it here.

Manila Times also has an article about Clark’s expansion. Check it out here.

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