2016 AUX Run

A run-for-a-cause event was organized by the BPO Runners called 2016 AUX Run on June 5 at the Sumilon Road of the Cebu Business Park. The event will feature a 16-kilometer, 8-km and 3-km distance that will pass through some of the city’s BPO centes.

A lot of news and articles can be read online about the bad effects of the BPO lifestyle. 2016 AUX Run is a call to all BPO employees to never disregard their health and well-being and to spend more time with family and friends. Also, the event is organized to help build caring communities through Batang Pinangga Foundation Inc. Part of the proceeds will be given to the foundation in order to be aid abused, abandoned and neglected children in Danao City.

“With this event, we want to erase that notion that people in the BPO industry only know how to party after shift. We want to show that if you work in the BPO industry you can still have a healthy lifestyle and can still have time for your family,” said one of the organizers Frances Loraine Crystal on a press conference yesterday at the Montebello Hotel.

The head organizer of the event and the president of BPO Runners, Ronan Miranda, also added that the route is decided to pass through the IT Park where a lot of BPO centers are located in order to encourage the BPO employees to join the event and continue the habit all throughout. The whole event will be on the hands of Joel Juarez, the event’s Race Director, from Coco Running.

The BPO Runner is a young organization that founded only three years ago by Gew Un, Janice Masapequena, Mark James Bundac and Frances Loraine Crystal. They and the other members all come from different BPO companies in Cebu. As of now, the club has around 60 members. It’s is the first time that they organized an event although some of the members are active local fun runners, marathon and ultra marathon enthusiast. Masapequena is a finisher of last March’s All Women’s Ultra Marathon (AWUM) which has a grueling 50k distance.

Mark James Bundac said, ”We’d like this to be an annual event. But will make sure first that the first one will be a successful event.”

As of May 18, there are a total of 800 registered runners in the event. Top three runners in all categories will receive cash prizes and all finishers will each get a medal.

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