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Global Sky

Having the reputation of being the No. 1 call center in the Philippines — Global Sky has been in the industry for more than a decade of service to its clients while perfecting the outbound and inbound call center services.


OBPO is a company that boasts quality hiring when it comes to the business process outsourcing industry. 

Utilizing the vast and excellent talent pool in the Philippines. OBPO has been fulfilling the outsourcing demands of any kind.

Full Potential BPO

Good customer service comes from well trained and well supported representatives. 

Full potential BPO is a company that produces an effective workforce for its clients. A workforce that is nurtured to reach their full potential in the industry.


Outbounders.com has been providing different companies of any industry and size the call center agent they need. 

Specializing in Outbound Telemarketing, the company had already launched countless successful campaign

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Featured Episode

The CoraVida Watch

The Coravida Watch is a limited edition watch from our own founder: James CoraVida. It is designed from the very essence of the CoraVida Wellness Center located in Costa Rica where guests can enjoy the peaceful, healthy, and stress free environment. 

This watch is a reminder to Feel, Appreciate, Breathe, Heal, Relax, Be – in each and every hour of their daily life. Contact us if you’re interested to purchase and own not just a watch — but TIME itself.