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Here are the latest relevant news about telemarketing and the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines and around the globe:

Healthcare BPO expansion In PH

Healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) and medical caretaker enrollment firm Shearwater Health is labeling the Philippines, still, as its favored site for development, refering...

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bpo locations

BPO locations moving from Metro Manila to the province

It is a well-known fact that Metro Manila is one of the top BPO locations in the Philippines. All major companies have a base...
benefits of working as a home based call center agent

Benefits of working as a home based call center agent

Technology has been changing the way we live our lives in the recent year. There are certain things that we can do now that...

Call Center: How To Reduce Absenteeism

One of the greatest difficulties in Call Center is to lessen the rate of absenteeism. The nonattendance of agents is something that influences the...
common interview questions for call center agents

Common interview questions for call center agents

The hiring process for a position in a call center as an agent is a long and rigorous one. There are a lot of...

BPO Diaries

Laughter Still The Best Medicine?

I remember a psychology class I took in college where the professor used a lot of humor in his lectures. One day he said something that made all of us laugh. I don’t know...

Body Clock Matters

Do you have a hard time connecting with your alarm clock? Is the snooze button your best friend at times? Then I guess you are just “Normal”, Waking up can be one of our...

Effective Communication

Hi my name is…, hey! , how are you? Good morning! Hello..These are just some of the word’s we use to start a conversation or in short communicate, in this article I want to...

Outbounders Community


What motivates you to work?

Working in the BPO industry can be quite a challenge. But for many Filipinos, it has become a lifestyle. Sometimes we might question, how do they do that? Or, what keeps them going? In this episode...

Ups and Downs: An Interview with Jonry

Outbounders Community features a young, hardworking Human Resource Personnel at Outbounders Cebu Office, Jonry Daya. He's from Cagayan de Oro and has been with Outbounders for almost 2 years. Each of us has a...